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In the future, the medical industry will enter a fully connected era, and hospitals will face issues such as diversified access services, complex scenarios, and service customization. Kenal smart touch screen monitor/ all in one panel PC can be used in nurse workstations, doctors' offices, patient self-checking, computer-aided medical and other equipment. It can help relieve the shortage of hospital resources, improve the efficiency of medical treatment, and reduce the cost of medical treatment. It will help the medical industry to realize a convenient service system such as intelligence, digitization, and full connectivity, so that patients can enjoy safe, convenient, and high-quality diagnosis and treatment services with a shorter waiting time.

Kenal Solutions:

- Aluminum Alloy/ metal case, durable with long lifespan

- Excellent embedded installation design

- Sensitive touch screen, support gloves

- Industrial grade motherboard, strong practicality

- Highly compatible, suitable for different environments

- Multiple I/O ports, USB, RJ45, RS232/RS485/RS422, HMID, VGA

Typical Applications:

- Remote monitoring system for patient

- EMR(electronic medical record)

- Ward information system

- Queuing machine

- Medical registration machine

- Medical tablet machine

- Medical tablet machine

- Medical cart

- Medical information displa


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