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Gaming Office Education

In contemporary society, people have more and more subdivided requirements for the size and function of displays for different usage scenarios. The portable displays then comes out because of the situation. In addition to realizing the functions of traditional displays, portable displays also have the advantages of small size, light and thin appearance, easy carrying, accurate colors, and complete interfaces. It can not only be used as a notebook secondary screen to realize synchronous display of content and split-screen operation; It also supports the expansion of digital products such as TV boxes, smart phones, tablets, PCs, notebooks, XBOX, PS4, digital cameras, and computer Mini hosts.

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Industrial Automation

In the era of industry 4.0, the information technology of new generation is deeply integrated with the manufacturing industry. Intelligent industry characterized by intelligent design, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent operation, intelligent management and intelligent decision-making will become a new direction for the development of various industries. Transforming to smart production, seeking a solution that integrates planning, operation, and monitoring, the application of industrial smart device (includes industrial monitor, industrial panel PC, etc) is an indispensable part of it.

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Self-service Terminal

Nowadays, people are increasingly pursuing flexible, convenient, fast and self-service services. Self-service terminals are becoming more and more common in people’s lives. The emergence of cash machines, KIOSK, ticket machines, etc., greatly facilitate people's lives, it has evolved from new things to now seen everywhere in living quarters, stations, shopping malls, squares and other places with large passenger flow. Industrial panel PC is an important part of self-service terminals and an important system for data interaction and data management. Kenal Technology has designed multimedia self-service terminal computers of different sizes and systems according to different situations.

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Financial Industry

After undergoing informatization reform, the bank has begun to use industrial monitor or all in one computer to improve the safety and convenience of financial services. The bank uses embedded industrial computers as self-service machines, which can not only meet the business needs of customers to open accounts in self-service banks, alleviate the difficulty of queuing new accounts, but also solve the bottleneck of self-service banking development and expand the number of customers. At the same time, the equipment also inherits the functions of traditional bank self-service equipment, such as balance inquiry, detailed inquiry, transfer, password modification, and various intermediate services.

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Smart Transportation

Using all-in-one machines in the transportation field, users can update and release traffic information such as the latest timetable in time and can take tickets on self-service machines. In order to better manage road traffic conditions, the establishment of a high-quality, high-performance, high-stability, integrated human-computer interaction integrated traffic management system based on information technology is increasingly needed by society and related departments. The transportation department can comprehensively manage the whereabouts and movements of roads and vehicles with the help of intelligent traffic control systems. Especially in some important places such as monitoring centers, command centers, and dispatch centers, the screen display system has become an indispensable and important basic system for the integrated traffic management system.

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Smart City

In the construction of smart cities, touch screen all-in-one machine plays an indispensable role in government cities, public services, smart healthcare, smart education, smart offices, smart hotels, smart banks, smart homes, smart communities, smart parks, environmental monitors, etc. It can help cities achieve diversified image construction through self-service and video methods, improve the city’s knowledge promotion and publicity of various aspects, help companies improve attendance processing. It can also bring convenience to teaching and training, etc. The touch all-in-one machine has indeed become a major trend in urban construction, and contributes to the new fashion of smart cities.

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Medical Industry

In the future, the medical industry will enter a fully connected era, and hospitals will face issues such as diversified access services, complex scenarios, and service customization. Kenal’s smart touch all in one monitor/ panel PC can be used in nurse workstations, doctors' offices, patient self-checking, computer-aided medical and other equipment. It can help relieve the shortage of hospital resources, improve the efficiency of medical treatment, and reduce the cost of medical treatment. It will help the medical industry to realize a convenient service system such as intelligence, digitization, and full connectivity, so that patients can enjoy safe, convenient, and high-quality diagnosis and treatment services with a shorter waiting time.

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Internet of Things

Nowadays, the application field of the Internet of Things (IoT) involves all aspects. Through the combined use of automation technology, artificial intelligence and cloud computing, its application in industry, agriculture, environment, transportation, logistics, security and other infrastructure fields has effectively promoted these aspects. Intelligent development makes the use and distribution of limited resources more reasonable, thereby improving the efficiency and benefit of the industry. IoT aims to connect any item to the Internet through information sensing equipment and an agreed protocol for information exchange and communication to realize intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, monitoring and management of items. Industrial smart touch all in one display is more interactive and operability, and can integrate multiple information systems into an open and standardized platform.

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About us

SHENZHEN KENAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is a professional company integrated with independent R&D, manufacture, sale and service of Gaming monitor, Industrial monitor, Android AIO PC, Industrial Panel PC, etc., which has rich experiences over 5 years for one-stop resolutions of product design, system integration, software test, OEM/ODM services, etc.  Kenal has 2 floors workplace and covers 15000 square meters for Office, factory and warehouse, which offers a complete product lines of production, IQC+IPQC+FQC+OQC, Aging test, Packing, etc., more than 3 assemble lines enable our annual production capacity over 170,000 units.The products are optimally suited for Gaming&Office&Educcation, Industrial automation, Self-service Terminal, Financial Industry, Business Intelligence Terminal, Smart city, Smart transportation, Medical industry, etc. They are all manufactured by using industrial grade and qualified components. We enforce the strictest quality control to ensure to satisfy our customer. Our manufacturing process meets ISO9001 quality assurance standards and we hold other safety certifications including CE, FCC, RoHS, etc. We strive to offer complete project support in most cost effective way that meet customer's requirements.

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