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Warranty Time

Product Type

Whole Unit

Power Adaptor


Industrial Monitor




Android AIO Panel PC




Remark:The warranty period of the product is calculated from the date of receipt, for the warranty period of three years, free warranty is for the first year, and cost maintenance for the next two years.


Maintenance method

Customers can contact sales, online customer service or fill in the self-service application service, choose the mailed repair mode, if quality problems occur within 30 days, the round-trip postage will be borne by Kenal.


Free warranty is not provided in the following situations

1. The product or component exceeds the corresponding warranty period;

2. Failure or damage caused by incorrect or improper use, maintenance or storage, such as: improper handling; use other than the product's reasonable intended use; improper plugging and unplugging of external equipment; falling or improper external force impact and extrusion;

3. Contact or exposure to inappropriate temperature, solvents, acid-base, water immersion or humid environment; and product or parts (such as housing, LED screen, interface, components, wiring, etc.) caused by insect bites or foreign body intrusion. Cracks, rust, damage, etc.;

4. Failure or damage caused by the installation, repair, modification, addition or removal of non-touch intelligent authorization agencies or personnel;

5. There is no valid invoice or warranty card, unless otherwise specified in this document;

6. Failure or damage caused by the use of illegally authorized, non-standard or non-publicly issued software;

7. Failure or damage caused by force majeure or accidents;

8. Any failure or damage caused by the product during transportation;


About return and exchange

1. Before signing for receipt, you must disassemble and inspect the goods in person with the transporter. If there is any damage, please do not sign for receipt, and contact us immediately.

2. Please communicate with customer service to confirm before returning or replacing the goods, and then send it back. Our company does not receive payment.