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Kenal product research and development technology keeps up with the pace of ‘5G+Medical’ development


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In this year's epidemic prevention and control, based on the huge advantages of 5G, it has effectively played a significant role in promoting telemedicine, medical imaging, emergency vehicles, hospital digital services, and medical big data.

At the same time, on the basis of the 5G network, the telemedicine consultation system can realize the direct report terminal of the disease screening, the collaboration of multi-party experts in medical imaging, and the multi-party collaboration of the isolation ward, with CT medical image transmission, remote medical image annotation, and remote Various functions such as video call.


As the touch display center of medical equipment, touch display equipment integrates software and hardware. In the large environment of 5G landing medical applications, it is natural to improve performance and keep up with the development trend of industry applications.

With the support of the network baseband, in addition to the installation of 5G modules, the industrial touch AIO PC will realize a wider range of 5G applications, and Kenal will also carry out three technical upgrades:

1. Enhanced mobile broadband, which can be used to support the application requirements of VR/AR and other scenarios;

2. Massive IoT, scalable for large-scale deployment in the field of IoT;

3. Brand-new mission-critical services, allows products to achieve control with extremely low latency through reliable and available connections, and enhance product data processing capabilities.

In general, the application of 5G in medical care has lifted the barriers of remote distances. Through online video communication, it will undoubtedly enable greater utilization of medical resources. For touch AIO PC , whether in the industrial field or in the medical field, 5G will further expand its application market!

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