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Kenal unlocks the application of Smart Temperature Measuring Robot


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With the global spread of the new crown epidemic, daily protective measures such as frequent hand washing, wearing masks, and temperature measurement have become part of people's lives at this stage. Among them, temperature measurement is one of the important ways to investigate patients, and it is effectively used at home and abroad. Because of the particularity and contagion of the epidemic, in order to ensure safety, intelligent temperature measurement robots have gradually appeared in more and more temperature measurement scenarios.


General intelligent temperature measuring robots have a touch screen, which is equivalent to the ‘brain’ of the robot. Due to the application characteristics of long-term operation, large number of processing and inspection visits, complex application scenarios, and diverse functional requirements for intelligent temperature measurement robots, touch display devices have higher requirements in terms of performance, service life, software expansion, and customized services.

As the touch center of the intelligent temperature measurement robot, the industrial AIO PC can meet the scene requirements of the robot for rapid and large-area measurement, which greatly improves the efficiency of the inspection staff; It supports the face recognition temperature measurement function, which allows the inspector and the inspected person to maintain the safe physical distance, it greatly guarantees the safety of the front-line inspection work.


Kenal 10.1-inch AIO PC can be well applied to temperature measuring robot equipment. This product has the following characteristics:

1. It can recognize multiple faces and display body temperature parameters at the same time, and supports the setting of high temperature warnings to quickly troubleshoot people with abnormal body temperature;

2. The standard configuration uses Intel Celeron J1900 quad-core 64-bit CPU with a maximum core frequency of 2.4GHz, which can be upgraded to higher configurations according to user needs;

3. Support user software application expansion;

4. It can be set to self-start after power-on to meet the long-term barrier-free operation of the robot;

5. It can be integrated with the temperature measuring robot to form an integrated and movable form, which can be flexibly moved and used in a variety of application scenarios;

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