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What is the experience of having a "universal portable display"?


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With the increasing number of electronic digital products, what is the experience of owning a 15.6-inch universal Kenal portable display device? With the advantages of light and thin, portable, large screen, direct connection to Apple mobile phones, and external digital devices, portable displays have increasingly become the new darling of many electronic digital enthusiasts. 15.6-inch universal portable displays make life more convenient!


The Kenal 15.6 inch portable display has attracted the attention of many portable display enthusiasts at home and abroad with its full-view IPS display screen, simple and exquisite design, low blue light and non-flicker screen, and multi-device connection; this display is equipped with a 1920*1080 full viewing angle Screen + dual stereo speakers + CNC metal body + versatile Type-C interface + Apple mobile phone directly connected to the vertical screen display, supports a variety of electronic digital products, easily perform multi-task, can help users achieve multi-window&multi-task display, make multi-application operation more time-saving and labor-saving; In daily office work use split-screen operation, it feels like a person uses two computers, while writing PPT and viewing documents and checking data, the efficiency is improved by 100%, it is a real mobile light office artifact. In addition, the display adopts a large 15.6-inch screen, and the three-sided ultra-narrow bezel design brings an 84% ultra-high screen ratio. The 16:9 screen ratio is closer to the playback ratio of mainstream movies and TV series. It is embedded in FreeSync without jams or delays technology, to achieve the depth and precise optimization of the game experience, so that you can enjoy the joy of the game in your spare time after office.

At present, this product is fully on sale, it is a very good choice for multiple application scenarios such as film and television entertainment, light office work in the workplace, business trips or children's learning.

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