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New look is coming, Kenal 15.6-inch portable display


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As an extended screen of various digital products, portable displays will probably not be unfamiliar to many friends who like dual-screen or multi-screen display. This summer, Kenal has launched several new models, especially the new 15.6-inch. The appearance is as simple and light as ever. Let Kenal share with you the excellent characteristics of this portable display.


1. Using 15.6-inch IPS panel, 1920*1080 resolution, the display screen is very delicate;

2. The smaller screen size ensures the pixel spacing of the screen will not be too large, and it is not easy to get grainy when viewing the display.

3. The screen has a wide viewing angle (178°), and the screen color cast is not easy to occur when viewing from multiple angles.

4. In addition to the conventional HDMI interface, it also provides dual Type-C (full-function interface), which can be connected with many electronic digital products to realize video signal transmission and external device charging at the same time.

5. The eye protection technology that filters blue light without flickering screen can filter short-wave blue light harmful to human eyes;

6. The addition of FreeSync technology allows this monitor to reduce the occurrence of screen tearing in the game and optimize the game experience;

7. The screen is equipped with a three-sided ultra-narrow frame design, which has a high screen-to-body ratio, which can bring a better visual experience when used;

8. The addition of a magnetic folding leather case allows the portable display of 156FC Titanium Empty Gray to adjust the display angle freely, makes it more comfortable to use.

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