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Self-service Terminal


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Nowadays, people are increasingly pursuing flexible, convenient, fast and self-service services. Self-service terminals are becoming more and more common in people’s lives, such as KIOSK, ticket machines, query machines, etc., they are greatly facilitate people's lives. it has evolved from new things to now seen everywhere in living quarters, stations, shopping malls, squares, etc. Touch screen Panel PC or Android All In One PC are the important parts of self-service terminals and an important system for interaction management.


Kenal touch screen all in one Panel PCs with Windows/Linux or Android operating system are designed with different sizes and systems as per different situations.


Kenal Solutions:

- Aluminum alloy+ metal case, durable, long lifespan

- Embedded/Open frame design, can be installed very easily

- Windows/Linux/ Android solution for applying to different Apps 

- Adopt dual-screen different display

- Wireless internet and LAN are available

- Support adding NFC/RFID, 4G/3G modules

Typical Applications:

- Complete security system  

- Remote monitoring system

- Test and measurement devices 

- Vending machine

- Queuing machine

- POS terminal

- Express self-locker

- Waste recycling machine


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